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 is an online chess betting server where chess players come to play chess against like minded people from


around the world. This site offers Real Time Chess with Tournaments. players get to stake real money against each other in a


single game. Chess2play is an upgrade from its former server, in here players win or lose real money


instead of rating points. uses SSL to ensure that your account and personal data are kept safe. Once you are logged in, 256 bit


encryption is enabled, thus protecting all of your actions for the time of your session.



Our goal:


Is to provide quality services to chess players from around the world.


Help chess players that want to play chess and earn money over the internet achieve that goal

How it works:


Visit the registration page and fill the form with the correct information. After registering login to your account.


You can use the menu on the left to browse through your account.


Start by adding funds to your account this way you can only use Chess2Play to its fullest.





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