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Understanding Bonuses



Chess2Play bonus is strictly for games trial. The bonus is meant for players to test wagering games.


The bonus allows a player to test how real money chess betting system work before he/she can place or stake real cash.


Winnings on bets made from a player's Cash Balance are credited directly to the Cash Balance. Winnings on bets made from a player's Bonus Balance are credited back to the Bonus Balance.



However, the bonus can be withdrawn straight to player's bank account only if the following conditions are met:




==> Must be an active Chess2Play player.


==> Player must have deposited at least the minimum funds deposit into his/her Chess2Play account.


==> Must have played at least 92 games against 92 different Chess2Play players/opponents.


==> The bonus amount needs to be wagered at least 13 times before withdrawal.





Once you’ve completed the bonus requirements we convert the bonus money into cash, transfer it to your main balance and you can withdraw it.





Terms & Conditions apply