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How It Works




Chess Games Played are strictly based on gambling. There are no free games against other Chess2Play Players.


Chess bets are either won, drawn or lost.


A Chess2Play player can simply create or accept a game in the Chess Invitation Center page


The player can simply choose the settings he/she want to use against another player from the small invitation

box (Create New Game)


The create new game box contains


Game Type: (The default is Bet)


Time Control: The maximum minutes the game should be played for.


Your Color: The color the inviting player wants to play with.


Stake Amount: Here the inviting player input the maximum amount he/she want to stake for the game.


Note: the minimum stake amount is 5 dollars.


The Invite all button sends the player's game settings to all players present in the Chess Invitation Center Page.



Create New Game



When a game is accepted by another player (Player B), the stake amount is deducted from that player's account. act as a bookmaker that holds the bets from both Player A and Player B.


playing chess

When a game is finished, it takes Chess2Play approximately 4 minutes to review or carefully analyze previously finished game, calculates percentage before it pays the player(s) who won/drew the game.





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